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Sage BVI Consultants is a group of independent consultants with experience and expertise
in the Legal & Financial Services industry of the British Virgin Islands.
We have been focused since our inception on fostering a strategic, quality & solution-oriented practice,
tailored to addressing the specific needs & challenges faced by our clients who need guidance and support to understand and effectively navigate this dynamic, leading and well regulated arena
in which their companies operate.

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About Us...

At Sage BVI we believe in, and are passionate about adding value to persons who work with, own or otherwise have interests in BVI companies by providing guidance and specialist support through the application of the knowledge, understanding & expertise we have acquired through our many years of experience. 


Based on our unique blend of legal, restructuring, accounting and dispute resolution expertise, we provide our clients with an extensive appreciation of, and broad perspective on, the relevant issues or challenges they face. 

Our team comprises experienced professionals who have spent many years at various levels and in various sectors of the financial services industry of the BVI. They have developed a solid reputation for their expertise as well as for being responsive, pragmatic, efficient and thorough in their handling of matters. 


Our Partners are directly involved in and spend as much time as needed given the nature and scope of a given matter or project. In this way the full range of our experience and expertise can be provided.  


We adopt a lean approach to our operations which involves us engaging associates as needed on a project by project basis depending on the scope and nature of our work at any given time. This enables us to be highly competitive and cost effective in the provision of our services.

Kindly refer to our services page to get an outline of the services we provide.



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